Why Use Tints?


Heat Shield

Helps to keep the interior of a vehicle cool as well as reduce the glare produced by the headlights of other vehicles


UV Protection

Prevent fading and damage to car's interior from ultraviolet light exposure



Clear from the inside, darkened from the outside

Price Packages



799 AED



899 AED

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1,599 AED



1,799 AED

*Our quoted prices are excluding VAT

*Our quoted prices only includes side (both) & rear windows

*Optional add-on price of 850 AED for the front windscreen

*Car types may vary depending on size, contact us for accurate pricing

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wash my car immediately after tinting my windows?

Yes, you can wash your car after tinting your windows. This is because window tint is applied to the inside of the windows, not the exterior. A simple car wash on the outside can be applied immediately after a window tint, only if the seal around each window is secure.

Does window tints keep my car cooler?

Window tinting definitely keeps vehicle interiors cooler. The problem with car windows (the windshield in particular) is that they are designed to give you a wide view outside, but this also lets massive amounts of solar energy inside, heating your car to uncomfortable temperatures.

Will small bubbles in my window tints after installation go away?

It's common to see small bubbles under freshly-installed tint. Normally, these bubbles should go away within a couple of weeks and should be very small. They may take longer to go away in cold weather and vanish faster in heat.

Can a tint job go wrong?

Yes, along with distracting bubbles, poorly installed, low-quality window tint films can crack and peel over time, reducing your car's appearance and your visibility while driving. To avoid ugly, embarrassing window tints that bubble and peel, don't opt for the cheapest option.

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