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The Ultimate Permanent Protection

How does it work?

Ceramic coating is a chemical solution that is applied to the exterior of a vehicle to protect it from external paint surface damage.


This clear coating will transform into a permanent, durable nano glass shield and can be multi-layered for extra protection.


Why Use Ceramic Coating?

Long-term Investment

Protecting the vehicle’s exterior and interior from deteriorating increases  resale market value

Killer Good Looks

The coating reduces surface imperfections, always giving off a deep, consistent mirror shine

Hassle-free Maintenance

Washing becomes less frequent as surfaces become more resistant to dust and dirt


Paint Decontamination

All surface contaminants are removed by claying

Paint Treatment

3-step paint correction to remove all swirl marks and scratches

All-surface Coated

Applied to exterior, interior, trims, wheels, glass

UV Protection

Additional protection from environmental contaminants

What's included?

/    Manual snow foam jet wash

  Deep wheel cleaning & tyre polish

  3-step paint correction

/    Iron & tar removal treatment

  Swirl mark reduction

/    Surface Polishing

  2 layer ceramic coating*

  Interior  vacuum & cleaning

  2 complimentary maintenance visits 

*Our ceramic coatings comes with a 2-year warranty against discolouration (such as yellowing)

Please contact us on Whatsapp for service customisation & enquiries

Price Packages


1500 AED



2000 AED



2500 AED


We offer the best service quality and pricing

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will the ceramic coating damage the base paint on my car?
    No, ceramic coating applications are formulated to be safe for all surfaces including your paint. They will not damage your paint and will not void any manufacturer warranties.
  • Will ceramic coating protect my car from scratches?
    Yes, ceramic coatings are many times harder than paint. The coating is much more resistant to scratching. It is not scratch-proof but it is much more resistant than regular clearcoat.
  • How long do our ceramic coatings last?
    A long time! the time frame depends on the grade of coating that is applied. Check out our different types of ceramic coatings available or speak to our friendly service consultant through our Whatsapp chat to find out more.
  • How long does the application process take?
    The application process will take between 1-5 days depending on the condition of your paint, the size of the vehicle and the packages you select. The 1st step is to wash and prep the vehicle. The 2nd step is to correct all the imperfections in the paint such as swirls and scratches. The application process will begin once the vehicle is properly prepped.

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