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The Ultimate Permanent Protection

How does it work?

Ceramic coating is a chemical solution that is applied to the exterior of a vehicle to protect it from external paint surface damage.


This clear coating will transform into a permanent, durable nano glass shield and can be multi-layered for extra protection.


Why Use Ceramic Coating?

Long-term Investment

Protecting the vehicle’s exterior and interior from deteriorating increases  resale market value

Killer Good Looks

The coating reduces surface imperfections, always giving off a deep, consistent mirror shine

Hassle-free Maintenance

Washing becomes less frequent as surfaces become more resistant to dust and dirt


Paint Decontamination

All surface contaminants are removed by claying

Paint Treatment

3-step paint correction to remove all swirl marks and scratches

All-surface Coated

Applied to exterior, interior, trims, wheels, glass

UV Protection

Additional protection from environmental contaminants

What's included?

/    Manual snow foam jet wash

  Deep wheel cleaning & tyre polish

  3-step paint correction

/    Iron & tar removal treatment

  Swirl mark reduction

/    Surface Polishing

  2 layer ceramic coating*

  Interior  vacuum & cleaning

  2 complimentary maintenance visits 

*Our ceramic coatings comes with a 2-year warranty against discolouration (such as yellowing)

Please contact us on Whatsapp for service customisation & enquiries

Price Packages


1500 AED



2000 AED



2500 AED

*Our quoted prices are excluding VAT

*Car types may vary depending on size, contact us for accurate pricing

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